Nodejs benchmark WSL vs Windows

What is better environments for nodejs?

Recently I needed to setup nodejs, because recently I bought the new desktop. In my old system, I suffered from slow npm install. Because I don’t want to use preview version of windows, I can’t use WSL2. So I have two options for nodejs environment. Nodejs on WSL or Native Windows. For right decision, I measured the time for some of items related with nodejs.

Test Environment

  • CPU: Ryzen 3700x (8C 16T)
  • RAM: 64GB 2600Mhz (Samsung 16GB x 4)
  • SSD: Samsung 970 EVO
  • WSL: Arch Linux WSL version 1
  • nodejs: v12.11.1

Test Result

Category Native Windows WSL Comparison
Create React App 94s 147s WSL takes 56% more.
npm run build 6s 6s same
Octane (3x avg) 41641 41438 same (0.4% diff)


  • When it comes to computation, WSL and Native Windows are almost same.
  • Because WSL’s IO is not good, CRA(Create React App) takes 56% more in WSL.
  • But in WSL2, IO performance will be better. I am looking forward to 20H1 update.
  • Because of Linux’s convinient CLI environments, I will choose WSL despite of the preformance drop.